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Public Speaking Awards – Inspiring Speakers

Public Speaking Awards – Inspiring Speakers

Did you know there was an award and championship to find the No.1 public speaker? Interesting isn’t it? Below is an inspiring video from the 2014 World championship of Public speaking.  The industry is HUGE and countries like Australia are picking up in this area.

Some of the Best Australian public speakers can be found with the best Speakers Agency like Speaking Out with expert educational conference speakers  that you can count on!

Female Inspirational Speakers Awards

Its not just the men, Female motivational speakers are too taking the stage by storm! Check out the below video at an awards event with an inspiring speech. Check out the range of Australia Women Speakers at Speaking Out Australia

Short Stories

Best Short Story Writers From Down Under

While there are many writing competitions around the world, there are hardly many for short stories. Now the thing about short stories is that they’re extremely fun and engaging to read. We were actually pleasantly surprised at discovering exactly how amazing short stories can be when we had a sneak peek at some amazing short stories by InShort Publishing.

While you can find novels anywhere online, there are very few places where you can get a good supply of these incredibly fun, engaging and extremely cute short story pocket books from. InShort Publishing in one of the pioneer publishers in Australia who have come out with some amazing short stories that can literally fit in your pocket.

Awards Cover

Welcome to Hills Design Awards

Welcome to Hills Design Awards! We’re one of the top online awards for those talented individuals all around the world. This is our blog where we’ll be keeping our readers updated on the next awards and who will be getting the awards. If you’re looking to stay up to date then subscribe to our blog RSS feed and you’ll get immediate notification.